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CBD For Athletes

CBD For Athletes

CBD for Athletes

What can CBD do for athletes?

Athletes can benefit from CBD’s anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, and muscle relaxing properties for a shorter recovery time and better performance.  CBD is great and beneficial for both pre and post workouts. Pure Spectrum sponsors Max Holloway, UFC Featherweight Champion of the world. He regularly uses CBD products to achieve his goals.  Check out our article “Is CBD for Athletes? What Can CBD Do For Athletes”.

Which methods of CBD Consumption are the best for athletes? 

Athletes can benefit from a wide variety of CBD products when training.  Some of these products include CBD wax & oil catridges, CBD lotions, salves & creams, CBD tinctures, CBD drinks & shots, and CBD capsules.  Each method of CBD consumption will provide you with its own unique properties that you require for your vigorous training routine.                                                                                                                   

Using CBD as a Pre-workout

CBD helps support the body's endocannabinoid system and using CBD as a pre-workout supplement can help your body achieve things better without being fatigued.  Most people turn to pre-workout drinks that contain caffeine, creatine, taurine, nitric oxide, b vitamins and various other compounds. While these help give your body that boost you may need, it can leave you feeling jittery and burned out by the time you’re halfway through your workout routine.  Not to mention that crash you feel after your workout routine is never pleasant. CBD can help keep you calm and focused if taken before your workout routine. CBD can help your body and mind stay relaxed and alert during your workout routine.

CBD For Post Workout   

CBD is a great for after your workout.  CBD is a natural anti inflammatory, and can aid in faster muscle recovery.   CBD can also be used for its pain relieving properties. Using ibuprofen or acetaphetamine for prolonged periods of time can have some undesirable side effects.  CBD can be the natural alternative for pain management. Using CBD tinctures, capsules, and topicals are probably the best way to get the best pain relieving properties.  CBD tinctures are absorbed much faster into the bloodstream so the effects are felt more rapidly. CBD capsules take a bit longer to work their way into the bloodstream but their effects can last much longer due to the slow digestive properties.  CBD topicals such as CBD lotions, salves and creams can target muscle pain directly and aid in faster recovery.    

How Can CBD Topicals Boost My Workout Routine?

People who work out know the struggles of pain and recovery.  Our muscles must first tear in order to rebuild stronger and better.  It's a vicious and painful cycle but it's necessary in order to get that physique you desire. You can really feel that pain and soreness the next day after an intense workout session at the gym.  CBD topicals include CBD salves, lotions and creams. CBD is an anti inflammatory and can help muscles heal quicker and much faster than normal. When rubbed directly onto the skin, the CBD absorbs and targets the pain much quicker.  Added ingredients such as arnica, peppermint, and menthol also aid in muscle recovery. CBD salves are oil based and go deeper into the skin for even better relief. Pure Spectrum’s Black Label Recover CBD Salve contains 1,000mg of CBD for some serious pain relief. 

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