Right off the bat, we feel the need to point out at there is no scientific research or a conclusive body of information out there to tell you how much CBD to take for a given situation or condition. Even though there have been studies that show symptoms of certain ailments decrease in duration and intensity with the use of CBD, there is yet to be a unifying set of guidelines for everyone to follow. With that being said, the question of how much to take on any given occasion still remains, especially for those trying it for the first time. We will do our best to give you the information necessary to find how much is ‘just right’ for you and your needs.

Differences Between Methods of Intake

First let us briefly go over a few different ways you can take CBD, which was introduced in the article CBD in Depth and how different methods may play a part in how you choose to ingest CBD.

Important to note is that the different methods of intake can change the amount of CBD that ends up in your system. CBD has a very low oral bioavailability, so swallowing it in pill or edible form will diminish the amount that makes its way into the bloodstream. Other methods of administration, such as vaporization or sublingual CBD tinctures, provide a much more direct pathway for CBD to enter the bloodstream and in turn allows for a larger percentage of CBD in these products to spread through the body. CBD lotions and CBD salves help with pain and inflammation in an acute area, but will not spread through the body like the other intake methods do and are typically not recommended for use for ailments that are not considered “physical.” Take a look through our extensive CBD catalog.

CBD Intake Guidelines

The consensus in determining a starting point for how much CBD you should start with is to take your weight and how severe your condition is into consideration. The heavier you are and more severe your condition, the more you usually have to take daily in order to feel its effects.

Condition 80-150 lbs 151-240 lbs 240+ lbs
Mild 12mg 18mg 22.5mg
Medium 15mg 22.5mg 30mg
Severe 18mg 27mg 45mg

CBD intake guideline

Method of Intake Bioavailability Examples of amount absorbed
Through Digestion – Gel Capsules / Edibles 6-15% 30mg gel capsule = 1.8 – 4.5mg of bioavailable CBD
Sublingually – Tinctures 20-35% 30mL bottle of oil with strength of 500mg. Each drop is approximately 1mg, so 500mg/30mL = 16mg of CBD per drop. Taking the bioavailability into account, each drop would contain 3.2 – 5.6mg of bioavailable CBD.
Through the Lungs/Vaporized 30-40% While there are many variables at play when calculating CBD vapor such as the strength of the vaporizer, how long the puff goes for and the amount of CBD in the oil, let’s generalize and  take a 1mL oil cartridge with a strength of 150mg of CBD. If we say that it takes about 100 puffs to finish it up, then each puff will get you about 1.5mg of CBD. Keeping in mind the bioavailability, each puff will have approximately .45 – .6mg of bioavailable CBD.


Topical Application – Lotions & Salves N/A

4 methods of CBD intake
The old saying “start low, go slow” is a guideline everyone should follow when starting out. New users should begin with 5 to 10mg of CBD daily at first (a typically small serving size for an adult) and increase the amount every few days until you experience the desired result. Dividing the daily amount into smaller quantities taken throughout the day is completely fine as well, and is probably a better way to go when working with higher dosages (using 50mg-100mg of CBD per day is not uncommon for some cases.)
benifits and dosage metrix
Keep in mind that you are not only stuck to one intake method: you could start out with CBD capsules or CBD edibles at first if you have a chronic underlying condition and supplement it with CBD tinctures or CBD oil cartridges if you feel you need to increase the dose a bit more. If used for acute physical pain, the CBD lotion and CBD tinctures/vaping are all great methods to experience immediate results-but not as long lasting- effects. Pick and choose how you’d like to start or continue your journey and keep in mind that finding the amount right for you is a process- the key is taking it slow and sticking to it! Use the guidelines provided and you will get there in no time.

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