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When talking about CBD, one can easily get lost among all of the choices to make; should you go for the CBD edibles or the CBD oils? Which brand and which vaporizer to get are among the few questions that might run through your head if new to all of this (not to worry though, because here at CBD Vape Genius all of our products are tested and reviewed with specified lab results for CBD products to make your experience easier and more informed- check out our CBD Products).

In this article I want to touch on a subject that is relatively simple to understand but confuses many people just starting to learn about CBD- what is the difference between CBD full spectrum and CBD isolate?

CBD Full Spectrum

In order to understand the difference, let’s first go over a bit about what health-benefiting compounds are found in Cannabis (for a more in depth refresher on Cannabis and the differences between THC and CBD, check out [The Cannabis Conundrum]). While CBD and THC are usually the main players everyone talks about when it comes to the chemicals found in Cannabis, scientific studies have concluded that when there are other chemical constitutes to work alongside CBD, there may be a greater therapeutic effect and an increased effective dose-range on the body than from just isolated CBD alone.1,2

effectivenes vs dosage

*taken from https://hempbombs.com/cbd-myths-and-misconceptions/.

The term “entourage effect” has been coined to explain the seemingly increased potency and efficiency of full spectrum and its interplay of compounds when compared to isolated CBD administered in the same amounts. It is important to note that while CBD Full Spectrum products should not have any THC in them, you should always take it upon yourself to look at the lab results for the product before buying it to see exactly what’s in it. Here at CBD Vape Genius we provide that with every CBD product we sell for your convenience.

CBD Isolate and Closing Notes

CBD isolate products will give you just that- isolated CBD taken from its hemp source. CBD Isolate may be something to consider for those worried about drug tests since pure CBD won’t test positive for THC constitutes. It is also easier to control the dosage of isolated CBD when creating your own natural home remedies, so whether you put a little bit into some tea or want to make your own skin cream, you can better manage how much CBD will go into it.

Even though CBD isolate has its benefits, CBD full spectrum products looks to be the better, more efficient option to go to for the majority of average users. But the only way to truly see what works best for you and your system is to try it out! Give it some time, experiment with different strengths and intake methods and see what works best for you!

CBD pure spcetrum
CBD purespectrum


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