Author: Leah McEwen

Why CBD Is the Best Christmas Present!

The Christmas shopping season is arguably the most stressful part of the holidays. There are so many things to take into consideration when buying gifts for friends and family. Should you get your spouse the DVD box set they pointed out that one time six months ago? Will your dad really like that generic men’s gift set? What about those boots you got on sale – are they going to match your younger sister’s eclectic style? Christmas shouldn’t have to be stressful. Thankfully, there’s one gift on the market that is perfect for just about anyone – CBD! What...

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What Is the Endocannabinoid System & How Does It Affect Me?

How many different body systems can you name off the top of your head? The nervous system? The cardiovascular system? The digestive system? You can probably think of quite a few. Whether your list is long or short, it very likely didn’t include the endocannabinoid system. Unlike most other major bodily systems, the endocannabinoid system, or ECS for short, was discovered very recently. In fact, scientists didn’t know it existed until the early 1990s when they stumbled upon it by accident while studying the effects cannabis has on the body. However, despite our limited knowledge of this system, researchers...

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CBD Studies

Cannabis used to be quite the mystery. A hundred years ago, all scientists really knew was that cannabis plants produced chemicals which interacted with our bodies in strange, sometimes unpleasant ways. Over the years, however, researchers have been devoting more and more time to the study of cannabis and the way it interacts with humans and animals. During their research, they found that cannabis produces more than 100 chemical compounds called “cannabinoids.” They found that these cannabinoids are able to cause changes in the body due to their interactions with a previously undiscovered body system called the endocannabinoid system...

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Why Brands Matter When Buying Hemp and CBD

Recent legalization combined with wide-scale celebrity support have made hemp and CBD products more desirable than ever. News articles are popping up left and right outlining the wonderful, organic health effects these products can provide. With the demand for hemp and CBD products rising, hundreds of brands have been springing up to offer new and improved products that are cheaper than ever. The problem is, many of these brands don’t actually care about providing high quality products. All they care about is pushing out cheap merchandise and raking in the bucks. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that they use mediocre...

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Endocannabinoid Profile & Effects on The Human Body

The healing effects of CBD and other cannabis-produced compounds have been plastered all over the internet and news. Each year more studies are conducted that examine these compounds and their effects on the human body. With the list of positive health benefits ever increasing, cannabis products are becoming more popular by the day. However, as people learn about these “cannabinoid” compounds, questions tend to arise. For example, what are cannabinoids? Where do they come from? Does CBD cause the same psychoactive effects as its cousin THC? And how do these chemicals interact with the body at all? It all...

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