Month: January 2019

Who Can Benefit From CBD? Part 2

In part one we discussed how CBD could potentially help those who deal with stress and anxiety, and how it could offer pain relief to those affected by constant inflammation caused by arthritis and athletic tissue damage. If you missed it check out the link here. With this article we will be covering a few more ailments that CBD has been shown to help address. Research is still ongoing about the potential benefits of CBD and all of the people (or animals) it could help, so let’s jump straight into it. Sleep Sleep is an integral part of our...

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Who can benefit from CBD use?

  As we go through life, it is common for our bodies to go through periods of health and periods of sickness and disease. We will undoubtedly fall victim to the occasional common cold or achy back, and we should use this time under the weather to reflect and be grateful for the good, health-promoting times of our lives. However, sometimes we will suffer from conditions that are a bit more serious than the common cold. Conditions that tend to creep up on us, gradually affecting us to a greater degree until we finally decide to become proactive about...

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