Month: August 2018

CBD Oil: Dog’s Best Friend?

As CBD is gaining popularity as a way to help treat a host of conditions, an interesting thought has been gaining steam for a while now; if CBD can help people with all of these ailments, does it have the same potential to help our furry companions as well? Let’s clear the air starting from the get go- even though there is scientific research backing statements that CBD can be beneficial for certain conditions such as anxiety, pain relief and inflammation in humans, the lack of published double-blind study for animals makes it hard to pull out concrete facts...

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CBD and Skincare: A Natural Alternative

CBD for Skin Care Hemp has been used world-wide for a number of conditions for centuries (check out our article The Cannabis Conundrum if interested in learning a bit more about the origins of hemp). While we here at CBD Vape Genius have already gone over the benefits of including CBD into your health routine (CBD in Depth for a little refresher), one thing we haven’t yet touched on is the potential for CBD-infused products to help improve overall skin health! With laws finally being pushed through that distinguish the differences between cannabis and hemp and effectively legalize it, hemp...

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2018 and still confusion over Legality of CBD? We got Some Answers

CBD is becoming the medicine of the future but not a lot of people understand what CBD actually is. There are many questions people have when seeing CBD products advertised such as what it does and the legality of it. Since CBD comes from a cannabis plant most people associate it with marijuana. In reality CBD comes from a specific strain of the cannabis plant known as Cannabis Sativa L. also known as Hemp and does not have any psychoactive compounds and will not get you high. This article examines how CBD came to be on the market today....

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