Month: July 2018

Is CBD For Athletes? What can CBD do for an athlete?

Can CBD be used for Athletes? An athlete’s life is nothing to scoff at. Training and breaking down the body, recovering as much as you can with good nutrition and rest only to break it down again is a tedious cycle, not even mentioning how the mental aspect of life in general can throw a wrench into that process and severely throw you off your game for weeks or months on end. That being said, athletes (both recreational and pro) are always looking for ways for their bodies to recover as quickly and effectively as possible in the least...

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CBD Intake- Finding the ‘Goldilocks’ Range

Right off the bat, we feel the need to point out at there is no scientific research or a conclusive body of information out there to tell you how much CBD to take for a given situation or condition. Even though there have been studies that show symptoms of certain ailments decrease in duration and intensity with the use of CBD, there is yet to be a unifying set of guidelines for everyone to follow. With that being said, the question of how much to take on any given occasion still remains, especially for those trying it for the...

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CBD Full Spectrum vs. CBD Isolate: What’s the Difference?

When talking about CBD, one can easily get lost among all of the choices to make; should you go for the CBD edibles or the CBD oils? Which brand and which vaporizer to get are among the few questions that might run through your head if new to all of this (not to worry though, because here at CBD Vape Genius all of our products are tested and reviewed with specified lab results for CBD products to make your experience easier and more informed- check out our CBD Products). In this article I want to touch on a subject that...

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