CBD is becoming the medicine of the future but not a lot of people understand what CBD actually is. There are many questions people have when seeing CBD products advertised such as what it does and the legality of it. Since CBD comes from a cannabis plant most people associate it with marijuana. In reality CBD comes from a specific strain of the cannabis plant known as Cannabis Sativa L. also known as Hemp and does not have any psychoactive compounds and will not get you high.

This article examines how CBD came to be on the market today. CBD is legal as long as it is derived from the hemp plant and contains no more than 0.3% THC.  Now here is where the confusion starts about legality of CBD because CBD can be found in all cannabis plants including marijuana. This makes it very important for its legality that CBD only be derived from the hemp plant to be completely legal in all 50 US states. Marijuana derived CBD on the other hand varies in legality on a state by state basis because it is still a by product of the marijuana plant.

Confusion With CBD

This allowed for a booming market for both growers and distributors alike. CBD is known to have a variety of benefits on the human body. Various studies have shown that CBD can help with depression, anxiety, mood disorders, arthritis, muscle pain, inflammation, acne, bone growth, nausea & vomiting, appetite and regulates blood sugar levels.  Learn more about CBD in depth. More and more research is showing the amazing benefits that CBD has to offer. Doctors are recommending CBD to their patients to treat many conditions. CBD does not have any negative side effects and is all natural.

Cannabinoids Properties

A wide variety of CBD products are available on the market today. CBD is infused into CBD lotions, CBD salves and CBD creams which are great for skin, arthritis, and alleviating muscle pain. CBD oil or CBD wax cartridges can be vaporized and the effects are felt more instant this way which is great for people with anxiety, depression, pain or insomnia. There are CBD edibles such as CBD honey sticks and CBD gummy bears which both taste and work great. CBD tinctures are taken sublingually (under the tongue) and absorbed through the mucous membranes for faster absorption. CBD capsules can be easily ingested and a great for people looking for an easy yet effective way to consume CBD.  Learn more about CBD bioavailability and methods of intake.

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